Meet Jamond Bullock, the artist behind many Memphis murals

Jamond Bullock is the example we look toward when someone asks, "Is it possible to be a full-time artist?"

Growing up in Memphis, it seemed like graffiti was everywhere. These were brands in black paint on the sides of businesses, the fronts of abandoned houses and then a more vibrant display along trains. Each car designed by different artists, and graffiti never looked so good as it passed by. Over the years, that vibrancy was plastered on buildings high, beautiful, no? Some told a story. Others were abstract. Either way, it seemed as though a movement for muralists was taking over.  These days, the trend is for public art. Art studios, and individuals use their craft to beautify the Bluff City at schools, near parks, by gas stations and on water towers. One of those muralists enhancing our community is, Jamond Bullock. His signature, Alive Paint, brings life to gyms near Crosstown, at Ida B Wells Academy and Bruce Elementary in South Memphis, around Orange Mound and Downtown Memphis.

Check out our interview with Jamond Bullock, sharing the success of Alive Paint.

Make no mistake about it, his art is his full-time job receiving commissions from Issac Hayes III, with features in Essence Magazine and ESPN. Bullock is also a curator for the Young Gifted & Dope series. He joins forces with Lyfe is Dope and the Downtown Memphis Commission, this show highlights talented regional artists and a collaborative live art demonstration. Let’s also add that Bullock has a mind for the community, organizing clean up events in Frayser along with workshops in schools encouraging kids to pursue their passions. A life in art is possible and rewarding.

There is no stopping Bullock in his pursuits. His work is meaningful, beautiful, and the Bluff City is glad…. Keep up with his projects on Instagram @alivepaint.

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