Meet Maggie the Barn Owl at Memphis Zoo

Memphis Zoo is home to only one Barn Owl, and her name is Maggie! Take a couple of minutes and get an up close look at this beautiful bird!

If you’ve ever been out to the countryside or around any abandoned barns or buildings out in the middle of nowhere, you may have seen one of these beautiful birds.  Barn owls, as their name suggests, love to hang around barns, and you can usually spot them late in the evenings on the prowl for small rodents.  This species of owl is actually the most common throughout the world, and they only continent they aren’t found on is Antarctica.  While these birds are fairly common, Memphis Zoo is home to only one barn owl, and her name is Maggie!  She is 19 years old, and she is an ambassador animal to the zoo.  This means she works very well with her human trainers, and she is used to educate the visitors of Memphis Zoo all about the rest of her species.

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What to know about Barn Owls

These beautiful birds spend their nights hunting rodents like mice and rats, and sometimes other small birds.   Barn owls are excellent hunters, and their bodies are equipped with all the tools they need to hunt.  They have a very sharp beak that is designed for ripping into their prey.  They also have sharp, powerful talons that make it easy for them to swoop in to snatch their prey up before flying away.  Darkness is also no match for these birds: they are primarily nocturnal, and have been known to catch prey in complete darkness.  Not only are their feathers beautiful; they also play a huge role in hunting.  Some of their feathers have small hooks at the very end of them, allowing barn owls to fly silently as they hunt.

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