Memphis photographer captures social distancing during COVID-19 crisis

A unique look at quarantine through the lens of a Memphis photographer.

During the COVD-19 crisis, local and state officials have asked us all to isolate and wait.

It’s a daunting task as it seems there’s no clear end in sight, and the only certainty being things will get worse before getting better.

Anxiously, we sit and wait. Well, sort of.

Being social creatures, we find other ways to connect.

Normally, Jamie Harmon, owner of Amurica Photobooth, would be booking his mobile photobooth for gatherings around the city. But to comply with social distancing and orders to close non-essential business, Harmon closed up shop and found a new way to connect with Memphis.

#MemphisQuarantine is Born

Led by creativity, curiosity, and most importantly—time, Harmon, set out to capture the quarantine in our city.

While still exercising social distancing, Harmon ventured out to capture families and individuals peeking through windows and doorways, revealing a range of emotions we’ve all felt during the city-wide quarantine.

Some are down right meme-able. Like the picture below. It screams, “This is my outfit when outside is open again.”


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Scrolling through Harmon’s collection of work, you can’t help but relate. It’s a break, a moment of mental relief, a small bright spot in a sea of uncertainty.


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#memphisquarantine #quarantine #quarantineportrait #socialdistancing

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200 homes have been captured so far and Harmon anticipates capturing many more as Memphians get wind of the project. He says as long as enough people in a general area sign up, he’ll come out and provide digital downloads of the photos at no cost, but is asking for donations when possible.

To keep up with the project, follow #memphisquarantine or Jamie Harmon on Instagram.

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