Bluff City Vibes: Black Cream previews new single “All I Need Is You” at Memphis Slim House

"All I need is you" by Black Cream

“Brown skin, soft lips–she’s all right with me.”

Memphis is a music city. Tourist and major music industry artists travel from around the world to get a taste of what made legends like Elvis Presley and BB King iconic household names.

Standing on the shoulders of those giants is a new wave of talented pop/soul, neo-soul, rock’n soul and afro-pop artist waiting to be discovered by visitors and locals.

To make these artists a little bit easier to find, we teamed up with Memphis Slim House’s Marketing and Program Director, Tonya Dyson, to showcase a few lesser known city gems.

For the very first time, Black Cream graciously shared their new single, “All I Need Is You” with the Bluff City Weekend team at the Memphis Slim House recording studio!

The Memphis rock’n soul band has only been together for about a year and a half, but you’d never know it. Their chemistry in the modest performance space at Slim House is electric and contagious–you can’t help but sway and smile while they rock out.

Derek Brassel, the group’s bassist, said the formation of the group happened organically, and initially began as a trio with Derek on bass, T.O. Crivens on lead guitar, and Courtney Barnes on drums and lead vocals.

“Nothing was forced. So, you kind of feel it,” said Brassel.

Later, they added Chris Barnes, Courtney’s Brother, on percussion and vocals to complete the head bobbin’ sounds of Black Cream.

“All I Need Is You” is Black Creams’ very first single, but they are hoping to release a full album of music in Spring 2019.

In the meantime, you can catch Black Cream regularly on stages throughout Memphis, performing soulful covers and amazing originals. Check out their Facebook or Instagram to see where they will be next!

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