Memphis Zoo is one of the only places to see Giant Pandas in the U.S.

Spend some time learning about the lovable, bamboo-eating Giant Pandas at the Memphis Zoo!

Did you know that Memphis Zoo is one of only three zoos in the United States that you can see giant pandas?  How lucky is the Bluff City to be home to these beautiful creatures!  According to Memphis Zoo Keeper Susan Petrunio, one of our pandas may just be the most handsome pandas in the entire world.  She may be a little biased, but take a look at how gorgeous they are for yourself!

Memphis Zoo is home to two giant pandas, Le Le and Ya Ya. You’ll notice that these bears spend the majority of their time sleeping and eating bamboo.  However, in the colder winter months, you’ll see they are a little more active and curious as to what else is going on around them.  But for the most part, they’re really concentrated on eating.

While bamboo is their primary meal, they are given enrichment to help them elicit other natural behaviors.  For example, in the video above, you’ll see Le Le playing with a crate and a cube.  There are treats inside the cube, and he has to figure out how to separate the cube and the crate to get what’s inside!  This helps him use problem-solving skills, and his “pseudo-thumb,” a manipulable wrist bone that they can use to grab things the same way we use our thumbs.

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Giant Pandas go through a ton of bamboo every day!  So much in fact, that the Memphis Zoo relies heavily on donations from the public!  If you would like to become a bamboo donor, just head to their website and fill out this form!

Be sure to watch the video above for some more great information not included here!

For more info on Giant Pandas at the Memphis Zoo, visit their website here.