Museums are showcasing their creepiest objects, and this is how nightmares are made

Museums are having a moment right now. Despite the doors being locked, they’ve managed to use the power of the Internet in fun and creative ways to still engage with art lovers around the world.

Some are providing virtual tours you can take from the comfort of your couch. And now, museums are making headlines once again – this time challenging each other.

The only difference? You might not be able to sleep afterwards.

It all started on April 17 when the Yorkshire Museum in England took to Twitter.

If that made your skin crawl, you may want to think about stopping here. Like the rest of us, museum curators have a ton of free time right now, and they’re digging deep into the archives to pull out some truly terrifying stuff.

We all thought museums were just pretty paintings and sculptures. Perhaps we weren’t paying attention.

Still reading? Fair enough. You’ve been warned.

It didn’t take long for museums across the globe to jump in on the fun.

First up, we have the most demonic looking bear you’ve ever seen.

Why are his eyes red? Because…art, I guess?

Next up, we have a nominee for the “why is this even a thing” award.

We really hope no one ever wore that.

Oh yeah, apparently people like mermaids?

This wouldn’t be complete without some creepy dolls, right?

We have the world’s worst biscuit advertisement…

And a possessed children’s toy…

And something that seems apt for the times…

A quick search of #curatorbattles yields hundreds of results, so if you’re curious there’s plenty more to look at.

Who knew museums were so dark and distrubing?

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