NASA shows what picture the Hubble Telescope took on your birthday

The Hubble Space Telescope has spent the past three decades exploring space and capturing images that help expand our understanding of the universe around us. And to celebrate the telescope’s 30th birthday, NASA has launched a website that allows you to see what the Hubble photographed on your birthday.

It’s super simple – just go to this website here and enter the day and month of your birthday. And NASA will reach into the vault and pull out a high-res image you can share on social media as well as more information on what exactly it is you’re looking at.

Source: NASA

Granted, it probably won’t be a picture taken on the exact day you were born (especially if you’re older than 30). But hey, at least it’ll show you what was going on in the vast expanse of space while you were busy blowing out the candles on your cake.

The Hubble launched on April 24, 1990, and has been taking pictures 24 hours a day, seven days a week ever since. Over the years, it’s sent more than one million images back to Earth, ranging from everything to distant planets and stars to the very first image of a black hole.

“Hubble has fundamentally changed our understanding of the cosmos,” said NASA. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, most of the events the agency had planned to commemorate this milestone were forced to postpone. But folks can still take part in the celebration by sharing their results on social media using #Hubble30.

So what can you expect to see? Well, if you were born on February 1st…

Source: NASA

That’s the Carina Nebula Pillars…but we all knew that, right?

July 17?

Source: NASA

May 28th?

The images are truly breathtaking and just goes to show how big the universe actually is. Plus, it’s a great way to procrastinate and learn something at the same time.

What Did Hubble See on Your Birthday?

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