NBA League Pass offering Free Preview during COVID-19

At a time when there are no events or games going on, sports fans everywhere are craving our sports.

The NFL recently announced they would offer a free preview of their NFL Game Pass during the COVID-19 outbreak.

NFL Game Pass is now FREE during the COVID-19 outbreak

Now, the NBA has announced that a free preview of their NBA League pass would be available to fans worldwide.  You’ll be able to watch every game that was played this 2019-2020 season, plus an archive of classic games, like Kobe’s 81 point game.

Signing up was easy, and like with the NFL Game Pass, you didn’t even have to enter any credit card information.  Just follow this link, and you should be able to figure out how to sign up from there.

A really cool feature of this free preview is when you go back to watch a replay of a game from this year, you can choose whether you want to watch the Home or Away broadcasts. So if you’re a Grizzlies fan, for their home games you’ll get to see the normal Fox Grizzlies crew. (Note: I did notice sometimes you’d get the national broadcast that was on ESPN or TNT.)

If you happen to be in a time crunch (which, probably isn’t the case right now) or if you just don’t want to watch an entire game, you can watch a condensed version of the game.

This free preview of NBA League Pass lasts until April 22, 2020.  Once you create an account, you can sign in through or the NBA app on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android mobile and tablet devices, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and other supported devices.

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