Netflix Party lets you virtually binge-watch with your friends while social distancing

While social distancing is at an all-time high during COVID-19, this is the perfect time to catch up on some movies and TV shows.

Netflix Party is a brand-new Google Chrome extension that allows you to create virtual viewing parties, making it easy for you to sync up your Netflix binge-watching sessions with your friends and chat while you watch.

Photo courtesy: Storyblocks

If this sounds like you and your friends, all you have to do is add the Netflix Party extension to your Google Chrome internet browser, then start a video on Netflix and share the automatically generated personalized link with your friends. It’s really simple to use.

source: Netflix Party, Google Chrome

To the right of your video, a chat room will open and then boom, you’re in! You can all speak through the entire movie or TV show together without being shushed by anyone else like you would at the movies.

Isolating ourselves from the world can be a little hard for some of us, so this is a great way to stay positive and mentally well.

So, make it a party, from the couch!