Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers hitting the road with food trucks

Another fast food chain is taking its food on the road. Now Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers commissioned two food trucks to travel across the country! In 2021, the portable kitchens hit the road to go across the USA spreading their One LoveĀ® to places near and far. Since not all 50 states have the restaurants and their Cane’s Sauce, they teamed up with Cruising Kitchen to create the trucks.

Raising Cane's Food Trucks
Two trucks travelling across country soon. Source: raisingcanes.com

Each truck contains three fryers with the ability to create 800 Box Combos along with a disco ball and their signature Velvet Elvis artwork. Outside, see the four LED monitors, a 270 degree DJ stand on the roof (it’s not up while driving), a custom Cane’s grill and a Cane hood ornament. Oh yeah, and three disco balls just because as well as disco ball wheel covers.

The touring schedule for the Raising Cane’s food trucks has yet to be released but we’re hoping it will make a few stops in our area. Their Cane’s Sauce is something else!

Raising Cane’s is not the only chain unleashing their menus on the road, Whataburger also recently announced their food truck operations.

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