Shed the Holiday Eating Guilt with These Healthy Tips

So it’s the day after a holiday weekend and you’re probably feeling guilty about all that delicious food you likely ate (especially the sweets,) but don’t worry!  You can get right back on the road to a healthy lifestyle with some simple tips and a little encouragement!  Remember to stay positive!

1) Don’t Feel Guilty!

This is probably the most important thing to remember:  Don’t feel guilty about indulging yourself a little bit, especially on a holiday where you’re probably enjoying yourself with family.  Just be grateful for the food you got to eat, and try to put your best foot forward now that the holiday is over with. Lori Zanini, R.D., spokesperson for the Association of Nutrition and Dietetics, told SELF Magazine in an interview, “Your overall eating pattern (what you eat on a daily basis over the course of weeks and months) is what counts when it comes to long-term health.” So keep that in mind if you start to beat yourself up this week. Try to think about what your fitness goals are, and try to get back on the road to accomplishing those this week!

2) Drink Plenty of Water

Make sure you get plenty of water this week.  Yes, this is something that you should be doing anyway, but making sure you get plenty of water after overeating will do a number of beneficial things, like reducing bloating, feeding your metabolism, and flushing out your system of all the toxins and waste you consumed over the weekend. Plus, drinking plenty of water before a meal will reduce the likelihood of overeating and will help with digestion.  Most people agree around 8 cups of water a day is ideal, but you may need more than that depending on your activity level.

3) Don’t Skip Meals

A lot of people think that skipping out on a few meals after a holiday will help them get back on track, but doing so will only slow down your metabolism further. Plus, skipping meals can lead to over-eating and cravings in the evening.  Just be smart about the meals that you do eat — try to have a good balance of healthy carbs and protein.  This means meals of green veggies like broccoli or spinach, and proteins like chicken or fish, while snacking on things like fruit and nuts throughout the day.

4) Get Rid of Your Sweets

Yes, the above statement feels a bit blasphemous to say, but we both know it’s gotta be done.  If you have any sweets left over from the weekend, take them to work for your co-workers, or just throw them away.  Having them sit around is only going to give you unnecessary temptation, so it’s best to just put them as far out of reach as possible — meaning not in your house!

5) Get In Some Cardio

Don’t lie, you knew this was gonna be on this list before you even clicked on the article.  Cardio is evil, but it’s a necessary one.  Try to get in at least 30-minutes of steady-state cardio each day to try and get back on track, and you’ll shed that bloated feeling in no time.  You may be thinking to yourself, “30 minutes of cardio? Are you crazy?”  Listen, nobody’s telling you to go run a marathon! Just 30 minutes of walking, climbing stairs, or using an elliptical machine at a steady, consistent pace will go a long way for your health and making yourself feel better.