Soulsville restaurant concept too exciting to contain

Soulsville may be getting a new restaurant soon – and quite a unique one at that.

The South Memphis neighborhood has long hosted a vacant lot at the corner of Walker Avenue and College Street. That could change soon though as 275 Food Project has filed the preliminary paperwork to the Board of Adjustment to hopefully begin developing the land into a new grub locale, pending a hearing in the Memphis City Council chambers April 24.

The yet-unnamed concept is simple: It’s a one-story walk up restaurant with shaded seating. The kicker is that the building itself is to be built out of a repurposed shipping container – a growing trend in the country’s increasingly upcycle-friendly landscape.

Per the application, the restaurant will have on-street and off-street parking, as well as bike racks. The developers anticipate attracting diners from nearby landmarks such as the Stax Music Academy, LeMoyne-Owen College, surrounding schools and visitors of the historic district.

It’s important to note that the restaurant will be a non-profit venture aimed at community enrichment rather than personal enrichment.

“The project is being built to bring people to the community, as well as serve the people that live in the community,” reads the application submitted by 275 Food Projects.

But why in a container? It’s a novelty that cropped up earlier this decade, but it’s more than just flavor-of-the-week gimmick. Repurposing a shipping container has distinct advantages outside of being a trend.

Namely, they’re inexpensive, which is undoubtedly an important factor for a fresh non-profit.

More importantly, though, they are a sustainable option for the ecoconscious entrepreneur looking to lessen their environmental impact by reducing the amount of construction.

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