The Elephant Exhibit at the Memphis Zoo is getting bigger!

Let's spend a few minutes with the elephants at the Memphis Zoo!

It’s pretty obvious that elephants are BIG animals, and African Elephants like the ones at the Memphis Zoo, are actually the largest living land animals.  Because of their size, it only makes sense that these majestic mammals need lots of space to run around in!  The Memphis Zoo is celebrating the arrival of two new elephants, and as a result, they have expanded their elephant exhibit to accommodate these new arrivals.

More on the New Arrivals to the Elephant Exhibit

In August of 2018, the Memphis Zoo welcomed “Bambi” (pronounced “Bom-bee”) and “Daisy,” to their elephant herd, joining the other females “Asali,” “Gina,” and “Tyranza.”  These two elephants, Bambi and Daisy, were adopted from a family circus who decided to retire after 28 years of touring the country.  These new additions are easy to identify in the herd — Bambi is the only elephant in the herd without tusks, as she never grew them.  As for Daisy, she has two steel caps that protect her tusks, and loves to swim.  Because elephants are extremely social animals, Bambi and Daisy fit right in with the rest of the herd.

More on the New Expanded Living Space

As mentioned, elephants need a lot of room to roam around and graze, and because of the new additions, the Memphis Zoo has expanded their African Elephant habitat.  They’ve taken what was the rhino habitat, and expanded the elephants living space into that area.  As a result, the rhinos also received a new living space, and now both rhinos and elephants are enjoying a bigger habitat to roam around in.

For more information on the elephants at the Memphis Zoo, visit their website here.

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