The sea lions at Memphis Zoo love to do tricks for treats

Our friends at the Memphis Zoo gave us a peek at some of the amazing things that sea lions are capable of doing, especially when a fresh, juicy fish is the reward!

The sea lions at the Memphis Zoo will absolutely steal your heart with their intelligence, playful demeanor and that cute long-whiskered face. If you’ve never been to see one of their daily sea lion shows, you’re missing out on one of the coolest experiences in the entire Memphis Zoo!  Every day at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m, the keepers in the Northwest Passage and Teton Trek areas of the Zoo conduct a show that’s open to the public, and you’ll love getting to watch these beautiful creatures display their skills and intelligence in exchange for a treat.

Sea Lions at Memphis Zoo

More on the sea lions at Memphis Zoo

There are a total of eight California sea lions at Memphis Zoo, including two adorable new pups born in Memphis in July 2018. These sea lions all have their own personalities and love to interact with the keepers in their own ways.   While all the sea lions at Memphis Zoo are special, the male sea lion Andre has a special place in the hearts of Memphians.  He was at a facility that was hit by Hurricane Katrina and was washed into a bayou and stranded for two weeks until he was found and transported to Memphis.

More on Training the Sea Lions at Memphis Zoo

Sea Lions at Memphis Zoo

The sea lions at Memphis Zoo are trained using positive reinforcement and are rewarded for good behaviors with a tasty fresh fish. You’ll see many different types of “tricks” performed during one of the two daily sea lion shows at the Zoo, but these “tricks” are more than just for fun!  Many of the different skills you see displayed by the sea lions allow the keepers and vets to examine the sea lions’ fins, mouths, teeth, etc.  The sea lions are smart enough to even allow things like blood drawings and x-rays!

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