The Shreveport Rose

The story behind this great-named rose.

It’s pretty special when a rose is named after a city in the Ark-La-Tex. The Shreveport Rose came to be thanks to Reimer Kordes and Kordes Roses. In 1980, they worked their magic and when they saw the flower, the rose breeders named it “Shreveport Rose” (Rosa Shreveport). They honored the home city of the Gardens of the American Rose Center and the national headquarters of the American Rose Society.

Shreveport Rose bid

Lucy Medvec, National Director of Membership and Developement for the American Rose Society says it’s one of the favorites of the gardens. “It’s very identifiable,” she says. “When people see it, especially around here, they know it’s the Shreveport Rose.” When in bloom, the flower is bright orange and coral color. According to The National Gardening Association, The Shreveport Rose resides in the Grandiflora class. The flower blooms with 40+ petals and can be 4-5 inches across. The bush grows up to six feet tall with full sun and does very well in the South’s summer heat. Stop and smell this rose with its mildly fragrance bloom.

Size of the Shreveport Rose

Stunning examples of these beautiful orange rose can be found at the Gardens of the American Rose Center. In the gardens you can find the rose growing near the Garden Gate Pavilion near the reflecting pool as well as next to the Administration Building. A whole horseshoe arc of colorful rose bushes grow and bloom there. The best time to see a full bloom occurs in late-April and May.

The Shreveport Rose

If you want to add this magnificent flower to your garden, find it for sale at Garrison’s Home and Garden Showplace on Greenwood Road in Shreveport. Check with other local nurseries to see if they carry the Shreveport Rose.

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