This baby giraffe at the Memphis Zoo will melt your heart

Take a look at the newest and most adorable member of the giraffe herd at the Memphis Zoo, Mashamba!

One of the cutest animals that you can find at the Memphis Zoo also happens to be one of the newest additions!  In August 2018, the reticulated giraffe herd at the zoo celebrated the birth of baby giraffe Mashamba.  Her name means “fields,” in the loose translation from Swahili.   While this is not the first birth for the new mom, it’s still special to the Zoo and the herd, as Mashamba’s mother Akili was born at the Memphis Zoo in 2010.

More about Mashamba, the baby giraffe

Since giraffes are the tallest animals on land, it only makes sense that they would be born that way!  Mashamba was born at nearly 6 feet in height, and although she was completely healthy, the Memphis Zoo staff temporarily had to place splints on her back legs to ensure proper growth and development.  According to the zoo staff, it’s not uncommon for animals such as giraffes to be born with “crooked” legs or feet due to the position in their mother’s womb.  In most cases, these crooked limbs will realign on their own just a few days after the birth, but in some cases, like that of Mashamba, a little more support is needed.

(Source: Memphis Zoo)

The splints have since been removed, and Mashamba is happily and healthily roaming about the giraffe pen, grazing with the rest of the herd.  With the addition of Mashamba, the herd is now up  to 9 giraffes. You can now stop by giraffe exhibit at the Memphis Zoo and say hello to her yourself!

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For more on the reticulated giraffes at the Memphis Zoo, head over to their website here!  You can also get more info here on the giraffe feedings that they offer at the zoo.

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