This dessert pizza takes 2 of your favorite snacks and combines them

Everyone loves a good dessert pizza, especially after you’ve taken on a big supreme deep-dish, or even a thin-crust pepperoni.  But no matter how you slice it, you’ve never seen a dessert pizza like this before.

1812 Pizza Company in Jonesboro, Arkansas has a knack for creating unusual pizzas and other menu items that you may not have seen anywhere else.  From pizzas like their “All Pig Pie” – a pizza loaded with pulled pork, bacon, ham, pork & Italian sausage — to their gourmet grilled cheeses sandwiches, like the Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese, or the Mac & Cheese grilled Cheese, they are certainly always thinking outside the pizza box.  This time, they’ve outdone themselves with a new dessert pizza that will have you thinking twice about your diet, and more about going back for seconds.

The crew at 1812 Pizza Company have taken one of their delicious chocolate chip cookie pizza crusts, and loaded it up with crushed Butterfinger candy pieces, on top of a chocolate pudding base.  Yes, you read all of that correctly. Butterfinger and chocolate pudding, on top of a chocolate chip cookie pizza crust.  You’re welcome.

This “Butterfinger Dream Pizza” may only be around for a limited time, and this one is definitely worth the drive over to Jonesboro.  If you get one, be sure to save us a piece!

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