You probably haven’t heard of the other famous Memphian whose home became a museum

At the Pink Palace you can walk through the entire history of the world... and Memphis. This place started as a catch-all cabinet of curiosities and now it features a few prized Memphis possessions, a couple dinosaurs, and one heck of a story.

Who pioneered the way we grocery shop? It’s probably not something you’ve thought of before, but it turns out that there is an answer and his name is Clarence Saunders. The Pink Palace Museum in Memphis documents his innovation, Memphis curiosities, and other local history. There’s even a planetarium and a miniature circus!

Clarence Saunders was an innovative business man who started his career working in a country store. He eventually went on to develop the first self-service grocery stores, meaning you could actually do your own shopping and then go check out.

Yes, there was a time where people didn’t walk through a store and grab stuff off the shelves.

Saunders’ store was a little chain called Piggly Wiggly, and it became a beloved Southern icon. Inside the museum, you can walk through a model of his creation and see for yourself just how this seemingly small innovation changed the world. Grocery shopping would look a lot different if we couldn’t pull stuff off the shelf ourselves!

The wonders of The Pink Palace don’t stop with the Piggly Wiggly, though.

Years ago, the library would collect things that people donated from their travels, and it became a cabinet of curiosities for the city of Memphis. That ethos lives on today in the Cossitt Museum Room at the Pink Palace, where they keep the spirit of the room alive.

We couldn’t tear ourselves away!

The beauty of the Pink Palace museum family is that you can wander through the history of Memphis from the beginning of the cosmos through recent civilization. You can see everything from stars to dinosaurs and other Memphis artifacts.

The Pink Palace Museum in Memphis is a wonderful, weird little piece of history that is a must if you’re traveling through West Tennessee!

While you’re there, you may want to try some barbecue as well.

This content was created in partnership with The Pink Palace Museum.