Your old books, CDs, and movies are gold to the Memphis Public Library

Did you know all of those old books, magazines and movies you have laying around have life-changing potential? Find out how Friends of the Library is using your old stuff to make Memphis a better place.

Think about all of the gently-used, but no longer touched media that is sitting around your house:  old books, magazines, movies, CDs, etc.  What if you could donate those items, and not only re-purpose those items, but also contribute to your city at the same time?  The Friends of the Memphis Public Library would LOVE to take those items off of your hands, because these donations add up to big contributions to education in our city.

Through donations and sales from the gently-used book store, Second Editions, as well as their yearly book sales, the Friends of the Memphis Library are able to help provide and fund tons of different programs, events, opportunities, and organizations across the city of Memphis.  The Community Art Academy for Kids, the Techy Seniors Program, and Memphis Reads are just a few of the types of things that are supported through the donations and volunteer work provided by the Friends of the Library.

How you can help

There are 3 easy ways that you can not only help out your local library, but the Bluff City as a whole.  The first way is to donate!  You can drop off donations at any of the 18 different public library locations across Memphis.  Whether it’s books, magazines, etc, your donations will go a long way in helping the city.  The second way you can help is to volunteer!  Friends of the Library are always looking for volunteers to help out with events like annual book sales, and you can even an earn a one-year membership with just 20 volunteer hours.  Which leads to the third way to help — by joining Friends of the Library.  Not only do you get special discounts and privileges at events like the book sales, but you will also become an advocate for your local Library.  Since every library location has different needs, it’s important to have advocates fighting for what that particular community’s library needs.

For more information on Friends of the Library, visit their website by clicking here.

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